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There are some common challenged to dynamically including HTML inside WordPress (and getting it to display correctly). Depending on the calendar view you are using, you might see one of these problems. Here is the workaround:

The calendar doesn't look the same when I publish it!

You may see additional lines, padding, missing colors, or other changes that make the calendar look bad. Some WordPress themes make global CSS changes that "cascade" down (that's the C in CSS) and affect the styles generated by localendar. We are trying to insulate our CSS against these global changes. In this case, it's best to send us a link to your calendar and we'll try and diagnose the problem.

The event pop-up balloons on my mini-calendar are getting clipped!

Once again, the problem is with CSS. Many WordPress themes set the "overflow" attribute for their widget area to "overflow:hidden". This will clip any elements that display outside the widget area, like in this example:

The solution is to search your theme's CSS (typically style.css, but it could have other names) and set "overflow" to either "visible" or "auto". The pop-up balloons will then display normally.

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