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Experienced webmasters may want more control of their public calendar view than is provided by localendar's Color Preferences editor.

For those individuals, we provide "hooks" into all of the public calendar views via a set of CSS placeholder classes. Feel free to implement these classes in your site to change your calendar's appearance. This is a great way to change font sizes, link colors, or other attributes not covered by our Color Preferences editor.

These classes let you alter the title text (eg, mt-usr), monthname text (eq, mm-usr), and event title text (eg, m-usr) for the 3 base calendar views: Month, Week, and Day. The classes ending in al and ar (mal,mar,wal,war,dal,dar) are applied to the forward/backward arrows on their respective calendar views.

CSS class What it affects
.m-usr Event Names shown on the Month view
.mt-usr Calendar Title as shown on the Month view
.mm-usr Month Name as shown on the Month view
.mal-usr Left-arrow on the Month View
.mar-usr Right-arrow on the Month View
.w-usr Event Names shown on the Week view
.wt-usr Calendar Title as shown on the Week view
.wal-usr Left-arrow on the Week View
.war-usr Right-arrow on the Week View
.d-usr Event Names shown on the Day view
.dt-usr Calendar Title as shown on the Day view
.dal-usr Left-arrow on the Day View
.dar-usr Right-arrow on the Day View
.holiday Holiday name text shown on all non-list style views
.lc_holiday_usr Holiday name text shown on list style views
.pinitem_title Event title on Pinboard-style view
.view_style_[mode] The currently displayed style of the calendar. [Mode] values include M0 (Month Block), M1 (Month List), M6 (Month Pinboard), W0, W1, D0, D1, etc. You can use these modes to set custom colors, fonts, etc on specific calendar view styles. To properly use this class to style all the elements in the calendar for a specific view, you'll need to make sure to include an asterisk ( * ) as part of your CSS. For example:
<style>.view_style_M1 *{font-size:32px;}</style>

For more information on using this particular hook, please view the Making your calendar responsive page.

.lc_mobile_usr This class is only present on the Event Detail popup if the user is viewing an event from a mobile device (refer to Making your calendar responsive)
Handy Hint
Some members choose to add their custom CSS classes as HTML in their calendar's Title or Footer fields (found under General Options)
If you go this route, you'll need to put your CSS in between <style> and </style> tags. For example:

Hiding elements on your calendar

You can also use the classes above to hide certain elements on your calendar. Here is an example of using custom CSS in your Calendar Title (under Options->General) to hide the Month Name on the month-block view:

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