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All calendars in localendar have a public url. The format is:*yourmembername*

When you click this url, the default behavior is to display a full-page month-block view of your calendar. Here's a sample:

You can change the default month view style to one of the other available formats by editing your calendar preferences.

Customizing the URL

There are a variety of parameters you can us to customize your calendar via the url. When you add parameters to a url, the format is:*yourmembername*?parameter1&parameter2&parameter3...

So the first parameter starts with a ?, and every parameter after that starts with a &. Got it? Like this:
(Show the month-list style calendar for March, 2011)

URL Parameters

Parameter Setting What it Does
style=M0 Displays the calendar in month-block format
style=M1 Displays the calendar in month-list format (like a Newspaper listing)
style=M3 An RSS Feed for the current month
style=M4 Displays the calendar in month-block format, but with adjacent events combined into a single block.
style=M6 Displays a monthly Pinboard-style view
style=W0 Displays the calendar in week-view block format
style=W1 Displays the calendar in week-view list format
style=W3 An RSS Feed for the current week
style=W6 Displays a weekly Pinboard-style view
style=D0 Displays the calendar in day-view block format
style=D1 Displays the calendar in day-view list format
style=D2 "Today + Happening Soon" view. Shows events for Today (if any) and the next 10 day's events under "Happening Soon..."
Click here to learn about positioning the Date labels on this view
style=D3 An RSS Feed for the current day
style=D4 An RSS Feed for the Today+Happening Soon view
style=D5 A responsive Timeline view based on the Today+Happening Soon view
style=D6 Displays a daily Pinboard-style view
start_date=MM/DD/YYYY Show the view (defaults to Month if not supplied) calendar for a specific date.
style=X2 An iCalendar-format feed of the entire calendar
rss_link=false Hides the small RSS and iCal links at the bottom of a published calendar
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