• Easy Web Calendar

    Localendar is great for Churches, Schools, Teams, Non-Profits, Families, and Webmasters that need a free web calendar

Add a FREE online calendar to your website

Top Features

  • Integrate

    Import iCals for additional
  • Weather

    Include local weather forecasts
  • Custom Event Categories

    Group related events together
  • Developer Tools

    Over 100 unique calendar
    features and options
  • Global

    Publish in different
    languages and timezones
  • Twitter integration

    Schedule custom tweets
    and event reminders
  • WordPress support

    WordPress plugin available
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  • We now have a WordPress plugin available http://bit.ly/Jv9hEY
  • You can now edit (or delete) individual instances of a Repeating Event
  • Merge Calendar legend on public view lets you Hide/Show merged events from merged calendars