What's Next with Staten Island's Music Scene?

7:30 PM - 9:30 PM   May 25, 2010

“What’s Next with Staten Island’s Music Scene,” will bring together musicians/bands from all over the island to talk about what matters to them...

Panelists include: Christina LaRocca, Singer/Songwriter who started the band Heavy Weather, has self produced albums and owns her own freelancing booking agency “LRock the Party Booking”; Milton Henry, an international music superstar who performs R&B/Reggae and more; D’Andre Tyre and Rick Hernandez, members of Staten Island-Metal band “Mystic Union”; Bob Wright, Bluegrass musician, and banjo aficionado; Melange & JTJ, an R&B band based on Staten Island; Adam Tilzer, lead singer, guitarist for the Avon Junkies, a punk rock/ska band on Staten Island; Andrew Paladino, lead singer/guitarist/producer for Curious Volume; Benny Rosario, drummer “Ghost of Eden” and guitarist/manager for “No Change for Machines”; Nick Fevelo, lead singer/guitarist for “Orchard”; Frank Duffy, guitarist for “The Headlocks”; Stacy Lee, drummer for Plastiq Passion, and Jay Miller, Talk Show Host of “Mid Evenings with Jay Miller,” and musician for rock band “Monty Love”.

The moderator for this event will be Ben Johnson, AWE Music Writer for the Staten Island Advance.

What's going on in the music scene? Who's in it? Where is it going? Why is it so important?

Hear about what's going on. Ask questions. Get answers. Hang out. Have fun. Be there. Call 718-447-3329 with questions about this event.