Taekwondo class for all. Trinity CC

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM   (Sports)

 Tuesdays + Thursdays

Senior instructors Becky and Alex Gordon teach a fun class suitable for all ages and abilities.
Taekwondo is a South Korean martial art with a sports element in the Olympics.
The classes are run in a relaxed and fun way to teach everyone practical self defence and lots of kicks!
Classes cost £5/£4
Mixed class ages 12+
Annual insurance / national membership (British Taekwondo) costs £25. 
You are welcome to come along and try a class for free.
For more information see www.ellisonstkd.co.uk or
https://www.facebook.com/groups/ellisonslancaster/ for class updates.
Contact: Becky becky@ellisonstkd.co.uk or 07969 600 659

Trinity Community Centre, Middle Street, Lancaster, LA1 1JZ
Lancaster, Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 1JZ, UK
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