Super Limited 10 pass Salt Dome Deep drop

12:00 PM   May 25, 2016
(Specialty trips)

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We target the elusive Golden Tilefish at the Salt domes . We will be fishing Very deep cold water as deep as 1700 feet. Electric reels with heavy rigs are a must. Please call and get specific tackle requirements before booking. We also catch large yellow-edge and Snowy grouper and Barrel fish. Trolling on the way out for Bonita is a must as they make awesome tilefish bait.

Tilefish grow up to 60 lbs. and for up to 50 yrs. old. Tilefish feed during the day on the bottom, eating shrimp, crabs, clams, snails, worms, anemones, and sea cucumbers. Monkfish, spiny dogfish, conger eels, large bottom-dwelling sharks (such as dusky and sandbar sharks), and other tilefish prey on juvenile tilefish. Tilefish, sometimes known as “the clown of the sea,” are colorful. They are iridescent blue-green on the back, with numerous spots of bright yellow and gold; their bellies are white, and their heads are rosy with blue under the eyes. Their pectoral fins are sepia-colored, and the edge of their anal fins is purplish-blue. The tilefish is easily distinguishable from other members of the family by its large flap (crest) on the head. Male tilefish can be distinguished from females by their larger crest

1. two day bag limit means up to 40 Tilefish per person

2. Super limited 10 pass max

3. Price $1250.00 includes: $175.00 Tip for the crew, Fishing and rigging advice, hot and cold meals, soft drinks, coffee, frozen bait, ice, fish cleaning & parking

4. Tackle not included

5. Departs @ 12noon… Returns @ 12noon 727-938-5300

607 Island Dr Tarpon Springs FL 34689
607 Island Drive, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689, USA