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November 2014
  • MON
    Monday Morning Mentor: How Can I Enhance the Impact of Feedback in Online Classes?

    Monday Nov 3 (All Day)

    B. Jean Mandernach, Ph.D., Research Professor adn Director of the Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching, Grand Canyon University.

    When it comes to helping online students learn, few practices pack the pedagogical punch of quality online feedback. Don't you wish your students understood that? Too many students think of feedback in terms of grading, and they miss out on the educational benefits of following up on their assignments. Find out how different feedback strategies can grab students' attention.

  • TUE
    Teaching With A Smart Classroom

    Tuesday Nov 4 3 pm - 4 pm


    Mr. Joshua Fleming, Instructional Technologist.

    Ditch those static lessons. Make presentations dynamic. SMART technology can augment your pre-existing lecture material by allowing for digital annotation and manipulation to further student success.

  • MON
    Monday Morning Mentor: How Can I Make my Course Content More Accessible?

    Monday Nov 10 (All Day)

    Dr. Elizabeth Harrison, Director, Office of Learning Resources, University of Dayton.

    Presesntation and acquisition of information is at the heart of higher education. You may know that it's your responsibility to make sure all your students have an equitable opportunity to participate in this learning exchange. But your assumptions about how students should access information could create barriers to learning. In this session, we explore a conceptual and practical approach to working with students with disabilities. You'll enhance your awareness of the drawbacks inherent in the most common ways of presenting course content and learn specific techniques for making material more accessible.

  • WED
    Engaging Students with iClickers

    Wednesday Nov 12 12 pm - 1 pm

    McNairy 106

    Mr. Joshua Fleming, Instructional Technologist.

    Formative assessment and active learning are more than buzz words. Attendees of this session will learn how to leverage iClickers to create a more engaging and successful classroom experience.

  • MON
    Monday Morning Mentor: What is Storyboarding? And How Can it Help Me Flip My Class?

    Monday Nov 17 (All Day)

    Sarah Egan Warren, Education and Training Director of Reify Media.

    Wondering how to get started with flipping your classroom? In this session, you'll learn how storyboarding can be used to better plan flipped lessons to enhance learning and foster more student interaction.

  • THU
    Teaching With GIS at MU

    Thursday Nov 20 12 pm - 1 pm

    The Geo-Graphics Lab in McComsey 212

    Dr. Charles Geiger, Geography

    Following a brief overview and demonstration of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, you will learn about software and data availability, and about the MU Geography Department’s GIS facilities, curriculum and services.  You will be encouraged to think about how GIS can enhance your curriculum and research, and how the Geography Department can help.

  • MON
    Monday Morning Mentor: What Are Five Tips for Writing Effective Learning Outcomes?

    Monday Nov 24 (All Day)

    Linda Suskie, former Vice President at the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and author of Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide.

    Whether you call them learning outcomes, learning objectives, learning competencies, or learning goals, developing a clear understanding of where you want your course to go and what you want your students to get out of it is an essential first step for faculty. In a clear and down-to-earth style, Suskie will will guide you through the steps involved in creating learning goals that are both inspirational and informative. You'll learn how to craft 'Goldilocks learning outcomes'- learning objectives that are neither too specific nor too broad.

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