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Tuesday, April 1 2014
April Fool's Day
Friday, April 11 2014
 8:30 am - 10:30 am
3 Common Myths That Keep Coaches & Consultants Stuck... And the Truth That Can Set You Free!

Dear Coach or Consultant,

You know the statistic that 90% of all new businesses go under within the first five years?  Or that only 25% of coaching businesses make over $25,000 each year?  Have you ever wondered why this is?

You see, most coaches or consultants face a bunch of challenges that can zap their resources (which is often just their own time and energy) faster than you can say BANKRUPTCY!

See if this sounds familiar.  The main thing you need to do in a coaching or consulting business is get clients, so you:

  • Create a program or workshop that you are certain your target market wants but when you launch it, you get a very lukewarm response….

  • So you get your website, blog, social media sites all created and updated with the information about your program.  Maybe you send out emails, posts, even some flyers to let people know what you’re doing and while you get some “good for you” and “way to go” comments, not many buyers

  • So you attend networking events where your target market tends to be but get frustrated that you seem to get a lot of coffee dates, but not many people who sign up for your program.

That’s why we are hosting a special event on Wednesday, April 11, at 8:30am in Syracuse, NY:

“The 3 Common Myths That Most Coaches Buy Into That Keeps Them Stuck… and The Truth That Can Set You Free!”

In this 90-minute presentation you will learn:

  • Why your marketing may not be bringing you the number of leads you desire (it’s not your fault – most people are taught to do this the wrong way)

  • How networking can be your greatest source of leads OR your biggest waste of time

  • A simple 5-step model (that most coaches and consultants don’t know) that can tell you exactly what to be working on to bring clients and cash in the door today!

Sign up now for this session (breakfast included) for just $15!

We hope to see you there!

chris and nancy

Nancy Roberts & Chris Kenney

We invite you to reserve your spot now. 

Tuesday, April 15 2014
Federal Income Tax Due
Sunday, April 20 2014
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