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Premium Features
Let Visitors Add Events to Your Calendar

Normally, events on your calendar are added exclusively by you - the calendar owner. With this Premium Service option you can let visitors to your calendar add their own events. It's great for a community or group site that needs a forum where anyone can contribute content.

You can choose treat visitor-added events as Public or Private.

With Public events, entries added to your calendar will be be immediately visible to everyone. You don't have to take any additional action.

Private events are not visible until they are "approved". This requires you (the calendar owner) to sign on and switch the event from Private to Public.

Regardless of the setting you choose, you are always able to Edit or Delete visitor-added events.

You may also elect to be notified via email when new events are added to your calendar. This option can serve as a reminder to check on events that have been added, and make additional changes if necessary.  

To use this feature, click the Options button on the left menu.


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