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Premium Features

Merge Multiple Calendars into One

This feature allows you to merge the public events from other members' calendars into your localendar.
You can color-code events from merged calendars to make it easy to keep track of multiple schedules.

Some suggested ideas for a merged calendar:
  • Everyone in the family has their own localendar. A single merged view lets everyone keep track of one another.

  • Multiple salespeople keep track of their own calendars. A master view shows who's in the office and who's in the field

  • Different clubs in a school have their own schedule. A merged calendar shows the times for all extracurricular activities

  • A band consults a master schedule to see when its members are free to practice

Note the following guidelines concerning merged calendars:
  • You cannot merge a calendar that has been restricted by its owner (even if you are on the list of authorized members).
  • You cannot edit events on other members' calendars. You will only be permitted to view event details.
  • Only Public events are merged. Private events from other calendars will not be shown on the merged calendar

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