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Premium Features

Secure Your Published Calendar or Add Additional Administrators

This feature enables two security-related capabilities on your calendar:

  • Restrict Calendar Access:
    If you want to share your calendar only with a select group of people, you can restrict access to your published calendar to a select list of members that you maintain. 

    When a visitor attempts to access your calendar via its URL (your calendar's URL is: https://localendar.com/public/membername), they will be required to sign in before being allowed to proceed.

    Remember  that Private events you enter on your calendar are never visible to anyone except yourself, regardless of your calendar security settings. Only events designated as Public are shown on the public version of your calendar.

  • Add Calendar Admins
    Give other localendar members the ability to add and edit public and private events on your calendar. They will not be able to change calendar options and settings.

    You can learn more about this feature in our documentation

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