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Premium Features
As part of our commitment to bringing you the best online experience possible, localendar is pleased to provide this set of Premium Service plans. These packages provide powerful features and are provided on an annual subscription basis.

New localendar members receive a 30-day free trial of these services. After the trial period has expired, you may evaluate these services further on the sample calendar (here).  Of course, you are free to continue using your calendar without subscribing to a premium plan.

Discussion Forums
Add a discussion forum to your calendar

Visitor Events
Let your visitors add events to your calendar

Custom Clip Art
Upload and use your own custom clip art

Task Editor
Full-featured task editor for staying organized

Secure Calendars
Add additional security and privacy to your calendar

Merge Calendars
You can merge multiple calendars into one

Printable View
Add a "printable view" button to your public calendar

No Ads!
No image or text ads on your calendar
Choose the premium calendar package that's right for you.
Personal Webmaster Cobrander
(1) 1 Megabyte limit for Personal (all other plans have a 5 Megabyte limit)
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We accept these payments:
Cobrand Accounts
(2) Cobrander Ultra
Your cobranding admin account and cobranded members will have individual Task Editors and Discussion Forums. All accounts are ad-free.

For more information about Cobranding, please consult our documentation.
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We process subscriptions using PayPal.
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can mail a check or money order to:

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